Doubles for sale :)
since I have no seller permission from pkmncollectors LJ I will be doing a off community sell know that you have nothing to worry about I will list items in ebay to show my ebay feedback of over 600 positive I love happy customers and hate scammers I've had people do that to me with a $500 life size statue of Yoda on ebay and they said they couldn't do anything about it. well time for the sales :) please see instructions for paying to save money !

Vaporeon Canvas 2009 perfect condition for sale : shipping is calculated to USA for international shipping please contact me for quote.

pay with paypal as personal send as gift with bank account price : $206.50 shipping included priority for USA

pay with paypal as goods : $212 shipping included priority to USA

buy it from ebay : $240 + shipping USA flat rate priority . international buyers please contact me through ebay.

ebay link:

JOLTEON Canvas 2009 plush excellent condition while tag has only slight crease :

pay by paypal as personal send as gift pay with bank account $121 shipping included priority to USA

Pay by paypal as goods $125 shipping included priority to USA

ebay $138 + shipping

seller information: I ship from Phoenix Arizona, over 600 postive feedback

buy with confidence :)


500 pix


just saw some Keldeos and Flareon's that I need to get my hands on and tons of new stuff coming out ! but why does the cool stuff only come out in japan :(

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crazy to see all the amazing pokemon stuff you guys have love love love and hope to get some and post pics soon !


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